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Main Office

Our Main Office is located in the Estelline Station. 

The Main Office is where all billing and bookkeeping duties are done. Controller is Samantha Stroschein and she is assisted by Molly Ronne and Bonnie Noem. These ladies help keep everything together along with keeping the ball moving in every department. 


General Manager Darren Benike is located in our Main Office. For any questions or concerns give our team a call at 605-873-2375

online account access 

Estelline Community Oil offers online account access through FARMERDATA.COM. Please contact Molly or Samantha via phone (605) 873-2375 or email to set up your online account today!


After you call the office and create an account you will be able to log in. Click on the WHITE button that says "View/Pay Bill" on the upper right side of your screen below our logo.

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